Ryoan-ji Temple – The rock garden which Queen Elizabeth praised highly –

When Queen Elizabeth visited Japan in 1975, I observed the rock garden, and Ryoan-ji temple became famous.

This temple is famous as a temple belonging to the Zen sect and is popular.

Ryoan-ji Temple was founded in 1450 by Katsumoto Hosokawa.

It is enrolled in world’s cultural heritage now.

Go the Ryoan-ji temple from Kinkaku-ji in a 15-minute walk, and it is easy in one way.

There will be many people seeing the sights with Kinkaku-ji.

Then I will talk about the charm of such Ryoan-ji temple!


It is the rock garden where the garden in Hojyo is famous.

The tourist pays 500 yen in Kuri to enter Hojyo.

The Hojyo sandwiches it between tatami mats and has a garden on both sides. In addition, the fusuma picture between the tatami mat is the highlight, too.

This building can be contained alone in the Ryoan-ji.

★The rock garden

The rock garden

This rock garden is the garden which Queen Elizabeth praised highly.

The tourist sits in the porch and appreciates a garden slowly and carefully.

The rock garden spreads a sand bar all over 25 meters of east and west, space of 10 meters of north and south, and 15 stones are placed.

A person judging from ighorance imagines the meaning that they show freely.

What do you see this rock garden in?

The miniature of the rock garden is put in Ryoan-ji temple for the invisible person of eyes, too.




There is a noted product representing Ryoan-ji one more in Hojyo.

It sandwiches the building with the rock garden and is Tukubai in the contralateral garden.

This can look from a Hojyo too.

The written letter made a proverb of the Zen a design.

●The circuit style garden


Most of the Ryoan-ji become the huge garden around the Kyoyo pond.

A seasonal flower blooms, and it becomes the beautiful garden.




The reception desk of Kuri is near immediately and gets Gosyuin.

The price of Gosyuin is 300 yen.

It is necessary to wait until completion for around 15 minutes if crowded.