Kinkaku-ji Temple which was wrapped in gold

Does everybody know  Kinkaku-ji Temple?

Kinkaku-ji Temple is the sightseeing spot where is popular among tourists in a temple in Kyoto, Japan. It is appointed world’s cultural heritage.

The biggest charm of Kinkaku-ji Temple will be a temple wrapped in the world only gold.

Of course the charm of Kinkaku-ji is not only it. I introduce the charm now.

●Syariden/Kinkaku(The Golden Pavilion)


It is this Shariden that the sightseeing of Kinkaku-ji is featured.

Gold leaf is put on the second floor and the third floor,and a Chinese phoenix is displayed on the roof.

Yoshimitsu Ashikaga made the Golden Pavilion as a mountain cottage in 1397.

Yoshimitsu Ashikaga is a general for the third generation of the Muromachhi Shogunate.

The Golden Pabilion became the temple after his death.

The Golden Pavilion was destroyed by fire by arson in 1950.

The current building was rebuilt in 1955.

★Where should Kinkaku look from?


I will look at Kinkaku in the front across the reseboir with the pond.

The place is very popular and is crowded with tourists. Many photographs are photographed there.

If Kinkaku is from the back, it can approach. You may look at abeautiful golden state close.


★Do you put it in Kinkaku?

Unfortunately it is closed in Kinkaku.

But, if there is it in a temple, there are Hokan Shaka-Nyorai seated statue and an image of Yoshimistu Ashikaga, and it is in the first floor shen it is a certain explanation when there are Iwaya Kannon seated statue and Shitenno statues in the second floor.

In the third floor inside wall, gold leaf is completed, and Buddha’s ashes.

You may look at the state of the first floor partly if you use the binoculars.


●Hojyo/The abbot’ chamber


Hojyo is a central temple of Kinkaku-ji Temple. The building is old with a thing of the Edo era.

It is closed, but ti is time-limited and is usually shown, and there is a thing.

It is said that the highlight of Hojyo is a beautiful fusuma picture and garden. In addition, here is this sacred image of Kinkaku-ji Temple, too.

●The torch of Rikusyu


It is said tha it is the torch which Yoshimitsu Ashikaga planted.

With a ship-shaped beautiful torch, it is one of 3 Kyoto torchs.

One of the side of Hojyo has it, but can even usually look.


Kinkaku-ji Tmple features the beautiful garden around a large pond.

★Ginga-sen/The Galaxy Spring

The spring shich Yoshimitsu Ashikaga used for water of the tea.

★The Sekka-tei Tea House


The tea-ceremony room which a person of well-known tea ceremony of the Edo era likled.



The water that Yoshimitsu Ashikaga washed a hand.


As for Goshuin, a temple name or a orincipal idol were written with a Sumi.

When it is art such as the penmanship among the tourists, it is popular.

It is mamorialized the visit to a temple.

The last of Kinkaku-ji Temple includes Goshuin place.

Do not overlook the person wanting Goshuin.

The photograph right is Goshuin of Kinkaku-ji.



There will be many people who are interested because Kinkaku-ji Temple is the temple shich is representative in Japan.

There is the temple with the highlight around Kinkaku-ji. The recommendation is Ryoan-ji Temple and Ninna-ji Temple.

I will intend to introduce you in future.